Hamas slams Blinken’s remarks on so-called Israeli right to self-defence


On the latest statements made by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Hamas stated the following: 

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas condemns the latest statements made by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in which he endorsed the so-called Israeli occupation’s right to defend itself.  
Blinken gave the Israeli occupation a greenlight to continue its aggression against the Palestinian people. 
Are killing women and children, bombing houses while they residents are inside, forcing Palestinians out of their homes in Jerusalem, and attacking the Al-Aqsa Mosque and journalists considered acts of self-defence? 
The occupier has no right to self-defence but it has a duty under international law to end its occupation of the Palestinian territories and its aggression against our Palestinian people. 
We also denounce the continuous military aid and all kinds of advanced weapons provided to the Israeli occupation by the United States, making it a direct partner in the aggression against our Palestinian people.        
We hope that Blinken would convey his messages in the right direction, reminding the Israeli occupation of its responsibilities under international law and reiterating the necessity of committing to these duties by granting the Palestinian people their genuine rights. 
We hoped that Blinken and the current US administration would learn the lesson from the abject failure of US policy and interference in the Arab-Israeli struggle for decades due to its obvious bias towards the Israeli occupation and attempts to isolate Hamas and the Palestinian factions since 2006 by rejecting the outcomes of fair and transparent elections and imposing a siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.   
Hamas is a democratically-elected Palestinian national resistance movement that practices its legitimate right under international law to resist the Israeli occupation with all means possible, including the armed resistance. This is not terrorism; rather, the occupation is terrorism itself. 
The humanitarian catastrophe facing residents of the Gaza Strip is caused by the Israeli occupation and its US-backed siege on them.        
Finally, if Blinken and the US administration were serious about achieving stability and prosperity in the region, they have to respect the free will of our Palestinian people and abide by international law and resolutions calling for the right of the Palestinian people to freedom, independence, and return to their homes.