Hamas welcomes UNHRC decision to investigate Israeli crimes

Hamas Movement welcomed on Friday the decision of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to form an international commission of inquiry into the Israeli violations against the Palestinians in all the Palestinian territories, including the 1948 occupied lands.

Hamas stated in a press release that the UNHRC adoption of this decision by a large majority reflects the failure of Israel to pass its lies and misleading narrative to the free peoples of the world.

The Movement added that it reflects an increasing international desire to end the state of immunity enjoyed by the occupying power, with American support over decades.

Hamas affirmed that Israel must be held accountable for its ongoing crimes and its leaders should be brought before international courts.

“There can be no stability or peace in the region and the world at large without providing full justice for the Palestinians and achieving their dreams of freedom and independence”, the Movement added. 

Hamas wished that this committee would succeed in its mission and not be disrupted by Israel and its supporters, as happened in many previous committees, looking forward to practical decisions that would cease Israel's aggression against Palestinians and end its occupation.