Palestinian journalists continue to suffer on World Press Freedom Day

Palestinian journalists in the blockaded Gaza Strip held a sit-in to mark World Press Freedom Day.

World Press Freedom Day is observed annually around the globe on the third of May as a reminder that freedom of the press is a fundamental human right.

Israeli forces killed and injured hundreds of Palestinian journalists over the past two decades and haven’t been held accountable for their crimes.

Currently 16 Palestinian journalists are being held in Israeli jails including four under administrative detention.

During a press conference the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate demanded an end to Israel’s impunity.

Israeli violence against journalists includes physical and verbal assault, as well as degrading treatment. Observers say the Israeli regime forces aim to keep journalists and mass media away from covering their crimes.

Israeli forces attacked several Palestinian media offices during the last three wars on the Gaza Strip. Since the beginning of 2020 Israeli forces carried out over two hundred attacks against Palestinian journalists.