Resheq reaffirms insistence on holding elections in Jerusalem

Political bureau member of Hamas Movement and the head of its Arab and Islamic relations department Ezzet al-Resheq has reiterated his Movement’s insistence on holding elections in Jerusalem similar to what took place in 2006 elections.

There is no bargaining on this step, as there will be no elections without Jerusalem, which embodies a historic and symbolic importance for the Palestinian people’s struggle, he added in a statement on Monday.

He said that the Palestinian people and all its forces and factions would intervene with all possible means to foil any Israeli attempt to block the elections in Jerusalem.

The Arab and Islamic countries along with the international community should pressure Israel so as not to impede elections in Jerusalem and they should stand alongside the Palestinian people to achieve their aspirations in unity, freedom, and independence, Resheq elaborated.

The Hamas leader asserted that Jerusalem was and will remain the eternal capital of Palestine and the symbol of Palestinian struggle and resistance.