Nazzal: We are against postponing the elections

Muhammad Nazzal, the deputy head of Hamas abroad and political bureau member of the Movement, said on Saturday that Hamas is against postponing the elections at the pretext that they will not be allowed in Jerusalem. 

Nazzal stressed that there should be a dialogue to search for suitable alternatives to hold the elections in Jerusalem, in a manner that confirms its centrality, importance and sanctity to the Palestinians.

He added in an exclusive interview with the PIC that Hamas’s policy of let bygones be bygones does not mean that it will tolerate any future attempts by any party to create chaos or trigger internal conflicts in Gaza.

“The experiences that we have all gone through confirm that dialogue is the only way for resolving disputes within the Palestinian arena along with the rules of democracy”, Nazzal noted. 

Hamas’s senior leader stressed that the option of resistance is a red line and it is not subject to bargaining. This was agreed upon with Fatah and all other Palestinian factions, he underlined.