Gazans call on Saudi Arabia to release El-Khoudary

Dozens of Palestinians participated, on Saturday evening, in a sit-in in Gaza City to call on Saudi Arabia to release the representative of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad el-Khudari, and his son Hani, who has been prisoned two years ago in Riyadh's jails.

The stand by the Al-Khodari family and solidarity activists included lighting candles in solidarity with El-Khudari, in addition to raising banners calling on Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to release the father and his son.

Abd al-Majid el-Khudari, the brother of the Hamas leader, told Quds Press that this stand is in solidarity with Dr. Muhammad el-Khudari (83 years), who has been detained in Saudi prisons since April 2019, after his health conditions deteriorated.

He added that my brother's health status does not allow him to stay in prison, because he is a cancer patient, and he suffers from this disease that was not cured by him by being kept confined at home.

He warned that his brother's health was in a dire decline, and he feared for his life.

El-Khudari revealed that they had asked the Saudi court to proceed with its claims, but that his brother would be in-home detention so that he could receive treatment, due to his poor health, and until he finished the trial, but the Saudi authorities refused the offer.

In the name of Arabism and Islam, he appealed to the Saudi authorities for the urgent release of his brother and son.

Amnesty International revealed in a recent statement that El-Khudari became paralyzed and lost parts of his teeth.

Last Tuesday, the Hamas movement announced that a major deterioration had occurred in the health of its former representative in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad al-Khudari, who had been detained there since 2019.

The Saudi authorities arrested el-Khudari - the former Hamas ambassador to Riyadh - in April 2019, accompanied by his son Hani, and since the beginning of the conversation about the case, Riyadh has not issued any comment or clarification on the matter.