Hamas: Israeli campaigns of arrests in West Bank will not obstruct elections

Hamas Movement condemned on Wednesday the campaign of arrests launched by the Israeli forces last night, which affected a number of ex-prisoners, including the two leaders of the movement, Jamal al-Tawil, and Bagus Nakhla.

Hamas affirmed in a statement that the campaign of arrests targeting the members of the movement and its leaders “will not succeed in hindering our march towards running the Palestinian elections, but rather will increase our determination to continue the path towards arranging the Palestinian house on democratic foundations."

Besides, Hamas called on all supporting countries and peoples to support the Palestinian people, advocate for its just cause, and stand in the way of the Israeli arrogance that prevents the right of the Palestinian people from practicing their political life.It stressed the right of the Palestinian people to a free political life guaranteed by all international and humanitarian laws.

Also, it called for the Israeli entity to be punished and expelled from all international forums and institutions.

"The hateful occupation reveals its ugly face once again through its hostility to the values of freedom and democracy and imposing its control over the will of another people through the force of arms and the imbalance of global laws,” said Hamas.