Prisoner Abu Rayan to go on hunger strike


Prisoner Maher Abu Rayan, 43, announced on Monday that he is going on hunger strike, protesting the procrastination of the Israeli prison service (IPS) in providing him with necessary medical treatment and demanding a date for sinus surgery.

Abu Rayan, who hails from al-Khalil, suffers from chest syndrome and lung problems which resulted from his violent arrest in 2003. He was attacked by the occupation soldiers at that time and his nose was broken and his suffering continued to worsen until he underwent nose surgery in 2015. 

His health condition deteriorated again in 2018 because of excess fluid in the lungs.

Later, Abu Rayan underwent thoracentesis, a procedure to remove excess fluid from the lungs. However, he still needs special treatment and has developed a sinus problem and needs a surgery which he has been waiting for over the past two years.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club stated that the IPS claimed that Abu Rayan signed a paper refusing to perform the surgery, which made him file lawsuits over the past two years to deny the IPS allegation. 
The club pointed out that the prisoner who was sentenced to 25 years in prison had launched several protest steps over the past period.