Al-Khudari: "My brother is subject to negligence aimed at eliminating him in Saudi prison"

Dr. Abdul Majid Al-Khudari, strongly cautioned against the health condition of his brother Dr. Muhammad Al-Khudari detained in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Khudari told "" that his brother's health condition is extremely dangerous, and he is paralyzed and lost his teeth.

He also warned that his brother, who is held in Abha prison in the Asir region, suffers from deliberate negligence from the authorities that negatively affected his health.

He cautioned that Dr. Al-Khudary suffers from prostate cancer, and was arrested during a period of convalescence that was required to be performed after a serious health operation that he performed.

Al-Khudari indicated that there is a systematic plan aimed at eliminating his brother, who is exposed to injustice and aggression. He added that Saudi authorities failed to prove the accusations against his brother.

He asserted that didn't take any step against the Kingdom, and all security and political authorities had a good relationship with him until 2010.

Al-Khudary called on all countries to seek justice for his oppressed brother, and the PA to fulfill its role and responsibilities towards Dr. Al-Khudary as a Palestinian citizen subjected to injustice.

He pointed out that there was no contact with his brother since he was transferred to the detention center.

Muhammad Saleh Al-Khudari(81), lived in Jeddah since 1992, and was in Saudi detention since April 4, 2019, without any charges.

The Saudi authorities brought Al-Khudari and other sixty Palestinians and Jordanians to trial. They were arrested under alleged role in supporting Palestinian resistance.

In a letter for King Salman, Amnesty International urged the Saudi authorities to take immediate actions towards Al-Khudari's health condition. Amnesty called on King Salman to ensure the unfounded charges against Dr. Mohammed al-Khudari and Dr. Hani al-Khudari are dropped and that they are released.

Amnesty's letter was followed by a statement by Hamas in which it called on Saudi authorities to release its official Mohammad al-Khudari and his son Hani immediately, along with all Palestinians incarcerated in Saudi Arabia’s jails.

"The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas received with great concern a report by Amnesty International on the health condition of Hamas representative in Saudi Arabia Mohammed al-Khudari, who has been detained by Saudi authorities since 2019', Hamas said in the press release.

Hamas warned that Al-Khudari is suffering from several health problems, and his health condition has been deteriorating and he has been unable to eat for a while.