Amnesty International calls on Saudi government to release Hamas representative

Amnesty International called on the Saudi authorities to release Dr. Muhammad Al-Khudari, the Hamas representative in Riyadh, and his son Hani, and criticized their denial of treatment, the deterioration of their health and their neglect.

The International Human Rights Organization stressed that Dr. Muhammad al-Khudari, the 83-year-old Palestinian who is detained in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, suffers from a deterioration in his health due to neglect. Amnesty revealed that the deteriorating health of Dr. Al-Khodari, a Hamas representative in Saudi Arabia, was caused by negligence, stressing that he did not receive adequate health care, including care for a bladder catheter, which exacerbated the poor conditions of detention.

In its latest reports, the organization indicated that Dr. Muhammad Al-Khudary underwent surgery and was being treated for prostate cancer, when the Saudi authorities arbitrarily arrested him and his son Dr. Hani Al-Khudary on April 4, 2019. It added that one year later, he was brought before the Specialized Criminal Court in a trial. Collectively marred by serious violations, she asserted. The Amnesty stressed that the health condition of the Palestinian detainee is steadily deteriorating in Abha prison in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and concerns about his health have increased with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as he is of the elderly, who suffer from basic medical conditions.