Haniyah calls on Turkey to lead int’l campaign to save Sheikh Jarrah

Ismail Haniyah, Hamas’s leader, has called on Turkey to adopt a firm position regarding the Israeli deportation of residents and demolition of homes in Occupied Jerusalem and its environs, especially Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. 

During a meeting with the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Committee in the Turkish Parliament on Saturday, Haniyah expressed his confidence that the Islamic Nation will not accept this situation in Jerusalem.

He pointed out that the Israeli occupation’s plans in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood constituted a humanitarian crime and a catastrophe that would befall its residents as they would be displaced and their homes would be demolished.

Hamas’s leader opined that Turkey with its international political weight and its diplomatic relations is capable of launching an international campaign for the sake of Jerusalem.

He asked Turkey’s parliament to work with different parliaments regionally and internationally on stopping these crimes against the Palestinians.

Haniyah confirmed that every possible step is required to prevent the occupation from Judaizing Jerusalem, expelling its people and attempting to divide the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

He stressed that the Palestinians will defend Jerusalem with everything they own, even with their “bare chests”, as they will not accept any change to the situation in Jerusalem.