The Palestinian Forum in Britain stands in solidarity with residents of Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem

On 19 March, 2021, the Palestinian Forum in Britain hosted an online event in solidarity with the people of the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem and to commemorate Israa and Mi'raj.

Head of the Palestinian Forum in Britain Dr Hafez Al-Karmi reiterated that Jerusalem has been suffering for more than a hundred years from the British and Zionist occupations. The occupation is trying once again to bring Jerusalem to its knees, but it stands great with pride, fighting the occupation's fascism, injustice and aggression.

The most recent aggression on the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood is an attempt by the occupation to forcibly displace its residents from their homes, as well as the Judasation of what remains of the neighbourhood's cultural features.

The lawsuit is part of an organised move designed to dispossess a Palestinian community of its home and establish an Israeli settlement in Sheikh Jarrah in its place.

The families, who have lived in their homes for nearly 70 years, were given until the beginning of May of this year to evacuate against their will for the benefit of settlers.

Journalist Jamal Ahmed spoke at the online event, recalling the history of the neighbourhood and the historical presence of its people.

The event was attended by distinguished artists Zaki Al-Asali from Syria, Abdel-Rahman Bou Habila from Algeria and Ghassan Abu Khadra, while Al-Asali presented an original piece of poetry.

Dr Al-Karmi concluded by adding that the people of Sheikh Jarrah are awaiting a response from the Jordanian authorities to grant documents confirming ownership of their homes, allowing the families to continue their fight against the occupation's lawsuits.