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Hamas: Israel’s blockade will not bring Gaza to its knees

last update : 13/09/2020 - 05:18 PM ( Since 1 week )


The Hamas Movement has emphasized that the Israeli occupation’s attempts to bring the Gaza Strip to its knees through the blockade will never succeed.
“Gaza imposes its equations and not the opposite and will continue to uphold the option, program and weapon of the resistance,” Hamas said in a statement on the anniversary of Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza.
The Movement said that “the Israeli retreat from Gaza came as a result of the Palestinian resistance’s strikes and heroic battles that made the cost of the enemy’s presence in Gaza unbearable.”
“The occupation tried — in three ferocious wars — to bring Gaza to its knees or reoccupy it and attack its steadfastness, but its resistance and people were on the lookout for it,” it added.
“Gaza was and will remain part of the blessed Palestinian homeland and will never be preoccupied with itself, and no one should think of neutralizing it, its resistance and people,” Hamas said.

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