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It is early to leave us alone, Palestinian infant tells his mother killed by Israeli forces

last update : 09/08/2020 - 03:25 PM ( Since 1 month )


By Thayer Abu Bakr

On Friday at dawn, Israeli occupation forces raided the West Bank city of Jenin and opened fire at Palestinians. A live bullet penetrated wall of Palestinian, hit young mother and ended her life.

I am hit, Bassem. Take care of the children,” Dalia Smoudi, 23, yelled to her husband before she fell on the ground, bleeding after she was hit by a fatal Israeli bullet in the chest that penetrated the liver, pancreas and artery.

Friday at dawn, when, Dalia, a Palestinian mother, was preparing breakfast for her children, a bullet surprised her. She did not know that closing the windows of her kitchen to protect her 4-month-old baby, Iyas, and his brother, Siraj, who is a year-and-a-half, would be the last thing to do to protect her kids in this life.

After the Israeli occupation forces, which raided the West Bank city of Jenin had fired heavy tear gas and this toxic gas started to enter into her kitchen, Dalia immediately decided to close the windows of her house, starting by the kitchen window.

Dalia's father, Ahmad Istiti, himself a former prisoner who spent several intermittent periods in the prisons of the Israeli occupation, told WAFA, with pain in his heart: "I had Dalia while I was a prisoner in the occupation jails in 1996, and I named her Dalia (grapevines) as a reflection of my belonging and love for Palestine, its land and its grapes."

He added: "The cold-blooded murder of my daughter is not the first and it will not be the last. It is a systematic policy by the occupiers against our women, children and elderly people while they are in their homes without any real deterrent that would stop this tragedy that is repeated continuously."

Dalia did not pose a threat to the occupiers when she was shot, he said, adding that, the unruliness of the soldiers was evident when they opened fire at the Red Crescent ambulance that came to save her life, hitting it with two bullets.

"Why was my niece murdered?" wondered Dalia's uncle, Omar. "She was martyred while holding her children, trying to protect them from the bullets of the occupation forces and the teargas canisters they were madly shooting everywhere, as usual, without any consideration for anyone's life."

Dalia's grieving mother, still under shock, had only to call on her daughter not to leave them. "Don't go away, Dalia. Stay with us," she said as she wept by her side while getting ready to bury her.

While holding putting his cute infant between his two arms and closing him to his chest, husband of the beautiful Palestinian mother spoke on behalf of the little kid saying: “It is early to leave us alone. We still need you.”

Wafa News Agency

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