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Hamas  to  use all means to confront and thwart Israeli plans

last update : 30/06/2020 - 03:28 AM ( Since 1 month )


The Hamas Movement’s political bureau on Friday held a meeting attended by its members at home and abroad and discussed many issues and developments in the Palestinian arena, especially Israel’s intended annexation plan.  

The meeting, which was chaired and steered by Hamas’s political bureau chief Ismail Haneyya, focused on the US-backed colonial annexation plan, its repercussions, the Judaization activities in Occupied Jerusalem and the Palestinian people’s living conditions.

The Hamas leadership underscored its rejection of all forms of land theft which the Israeli occupation state intends to carry out under the name of peace or annexation plans.

“Any step taken by the Zionist occupation to steal our land under the name of annexation or the ‘Crime of the Century’ (deal of the century) or under any label will be considered renewed aggression against our people and a critical juncture in the conflict with the occupation,” a statement issued by the Hamas leadership following the meeting read.

“The Movement will take all measures and use all means available to confront and frustrate [such steps] in all arenas and within the framework of comprehensive resistance,” the statement concluded.

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