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Israeli Occupation to demolish Arab homes in Negev

last update : 24/03/2020 - 07:39 PM ( Since 2 months )


Israeli Occupation Forces have handed over evacuation and demolition orders to residents of two Arab homes in the Negev, local media reported .

Member of the Local Committee of Rakhma Neighbourhood Sulieman Freehat said that the Israeli Forces raided his “unrecognised” village and handed over the evacuation and demolition orders.

Despite the state of emergency in the country, Freehat said, the Israeli Forces along with employees from the Ministry of Finance and the National Jewish Fund raided the village and threatened its residents.

He said that Israeli Forces have not offered any assistance to residents to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

“Meanwhile,” he said, “they have been doing their best to chase us and threaten our lives and homes on a daily basis.”

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