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The aftermath of Israeli strikes targeting civilians in Gaza: The tragic story of a girl suffering trauma

last update : 26/02/2020 - 05:33 PM ( Since 1 month )


11-year-old girl suffers trauma after she lost her entire family. She was among 11 civilians killed during Israeli raids on her home.

The tragic story broke the hearts of the team of doctors and nurses starving to help her overcome her difficult situation.

One of the team was Adul-Rahman Amer who posted on Facebook a photo of the team providing psychosocial support for the poor girl, while she was heading to an urgent surgical operation.

Mohammad Wadi, Operating Theatre supervisor says: “When the girl arrived it was very sad for all the team. I cried when I left the hospital. We have been taking care of her like she was our daughter since then. We want to make this experience more bearable for her.".

Rania Samour, an MSF counsellor providing psychosocial support in the hospital says: “Some days Salwa just bursts into tears and keeps asking to see her family. Other days, she’s more reactive; she smiles and chats with me.” 

Mohammed Wadi, the supervisor of operation room says: “The girl lost her family, she is still alone. For me I personally cried about her situation. She is like my daughter. All the team sympathized with her. We need to help her”.


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