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Hamas determined to foil US deal of century

last update : 14/02/2020 - 02:14 AM ( Since 3 months )


Member of Hamas’s political bureau Khalil al-Hayya has affirmed that the Palestinian resistance spearheaded by Hamas is determined to continue its struggle against the Israeli occupation and confront and foil the US administration’s alleged peace deal.

In a ceremony held in Gaza on Wednesday to honor ex-detainee Hazem Hasanein, Hayya responded to Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent threats against his Movement, saying that Hamas would force him and his occupation state to leave the Palestinian land.

“While you are threatening Hamas, Hamas is already geared up to uproot you and make you leave our land,” the Hamas official said, addressing Netanyahu.

“If the relations and security coordination with the occupation are not severed, the world will not believe us that we are against the deal of the century (US peace plan),” he stressed, adding that the Palestinians must take a historic position and face this deal by words and deeds.

“The national unity can only be achieved through agreeing on the fact that the occupation is our enemy that has no place on the Palestinian land and that the only way to face the deal of the century is to resist the occupation using all means,” Hayya underlined.

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