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Facebook blocks Arabic page of Palestinian Information Center

last update : 10/10/2019 - 03:58 PM ( Since 7 months )


Gaza, (Alresalah.ps)-- Facebook on Wednesday evening deleted the Arabic page of the Palestinian Information Center as part of a stepped up campaign against Palestinian content on social media platforms.

The Palestinian Information Center's administration said that Facebook has deleted their verified Arabic page, which has about 5 million followers, without prior notice or any justification.

The Palestinian Information Center's administration called on Facebook to reverse its decision and stop attacking Palestinian content, affirming that they have already started practical steps to restore the page.

They confirmed that the page was deleted while being committed to the standards announced by Facebook despite the prejudice against the Palestinian cause and resistance against the occupation which is a legitimate right guaranteed by all international laws.

Facebook had previously blocked the personal accounts of the admins and editors in charge of the Arabic page of the Palestinian Information Center.

The social media giant has launched a campaign in the recent weeks against Palestinian content on its platform deleting dozens of accounts run by journalists, activists and news agencies.

The Palestinian Information Center was founded on 1 December 1997, and it is the first Palestinian news site dedicated to advocating the Palestinian cause and speaking up for the Palestinian people's rights. The site provides news coverage in eight languages.

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