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Palestinian refugees hold general strike in Lebanon

last update : 18/07/2019 - 05:44 PM ( Since 6 months )



Beirut, (Alresalah.ps)--In the fourth day of protests, the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon hold a general strike in all Palestinian refugee camps to denounce the decision of the Lebanese Ministry of Labor against Palestinian workers.

The Palestinian follow-up committee in Lebanon announced in a statement in Wednesday that the strike includes all Palestinian camps in Lebanon until the measures against the Palestinian refugees are retracted.

The committee reaffirmed the peaceful nature of protests and called all protestors to avoid violence.

The protests, under the slogan “Day of Anger,” paralyzed movement in the camps. Protesters closed the entrances with burning tyres. All Palestinian political forces and popular committees took part in the protests.

A source in the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC) said: “The protests are an expression of the deteriorating social and living conditions experienced by Palestinians in Lebanon. The decision of the Ministry of Labor inspired these protests.”

The source added: “The census conducted by the Lebanese state in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority in 2017 showed that the number of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon has reached 174,000 and the Palestinian labor force doesn’t exceed 40,000 workers. But if we repeat the census this year, we’ll find that there’s a decline in the labor force because of the quest to migrate, even if illegally, and to move to a third country in search of a better life.”

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