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Abdul Aziz and Muhammad died with one expanding bullet

last update : 19/03/2019 - 04:50 PM ( Since 8 months )


Gaza, (Alresalah.ps) –Abdul Aziz and Muhammad were participating in The March of Return east of Gaza at the end of 2018. They were standing in a place that they thought it was safe, but it was deadly.

It was about 4:30 pm, when the medical sources announced the 16-year-old Mohammed al-Jahjouh and Abdul Aziz Abu Shariah, 28, dead.

What happened to the young men was a shock. Abdul Aziz saw the child Muhammad on the ground suffering his injuries in the neck. He ran to rescue him but suddenly he fell down next to Mohammad and his clothes were stained with blood.

Muhammad died immediately inside a car that was heading to hospital for treatment. After an hour another car carrying Abdel Aziz arrived to the hospital. His abdomen was burst with the same bullet that was coming out from the neck of the young man.

Doctors spent an hour trying to save the life of Abdul Aziz, but in vain.

Human rights organizations have documented the extensive use of expanding bullets by Israel against demonstrators in the eastern Gaza Strip.

The American Center for International Action said in report that Israel used the internationally prohibited expanding bullets against Palestinians and developed it by adding enriched uranium to make it more lethal.

The report added that this bullet has a great capacity to blow the whole brain, and to penetrate two bodies at the same time as in the case of Abu Shariah and al-Jahjouh.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesman, Ashraf Qadra, revealed in an interview that half of the injured demonstrators during the March of Return were shot with live bullets.

Dr. Ayman al-Sahbani, director of the reception and emergency department at the Ministry of Health, commented on the use of expanding bullets saying: "The expanding bullet leaves a deep hole that is difficult to treat.

Director of the reception and emergency department at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, added: "In every war, medical personnel notice that the Israeli army use new weapons and what we saw recently in the injuries during the March of Return is unusual."

Al-Sahbani points out that this bullet breaks the bones, cuts the veins, causes nerve damage, and often if the injury is in the upper part of the body, it will cause death immediately.

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