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Child Al-Rifi dies after suffering pain of injury and Gaza siege

last update : 07/11/2018 - 07:15 PM ( Since 1 year )


Gaza,(Alresalah.ps )-- For four years, the 12-year-old child Mohamed Nasir Al-Rifi, remained stuck between life and death, tied to a bed that never changed because of his injury, which forced him to sleep on a mattress suitable for the nature of his injury and artificial respiration.

The Palestinian boy died on Saturday, 3/11/2018, four years after being seriously injured. Shrapnel of an Israeli artillery shell hit his spine.

Previous interview

After the end of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in 2014, the correspondent of the Palestinian Information Center went to the Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation, where injured child Al-Rifi was staying, receiving treatment continuously, as his injury did not allow him to return to his family home.

Al-Rifi, despite his serious injury, which made him practically look like a dead person who only moves his lips, was determined and always smiling and he was insisting on life and was excited about it despite the injury that doctors asserted will accompany him until the end of his life.

Artificial respirator

When we met Al-Rifi, he was speaking in a faint voice that no one could hear. The artificial respirator was heard clearly throughout the visit, and his life was in danger every time the electricity went out.

Mohammed remained hostage to the artificial respirator that he needed until he passed away, complaining to God of the pain of the injury that had completely paralyzed his movement and breathing.

Dr. Mohammed Ayman Anbar, who oversees the situation of the child, confirmed earlier that Mohammed suffered a direct injury in the spine that led to the cutting of the second cervical, resulting in a quadriplegia, pointing out that it is impossible to remove the artificial respiratory off Muhammad at all, due to the difficulty of his situation and breathing.

Loss of parents

When Mohammed was injured, he was not alone in his house which was targeted during the war by the Israeli artillery; it led to the death of his father, his twin brother Ahmed and four other cousins.

At the end of last year, Al-Wafa Hospital published a report on the extent to which Al-Rifi is interested in completing his studies. The hospital administration praised the success and proficiency of the child and his commitment to his studies despite his injury.

According to the family of Al-Rifi, Muhammad, despite his young age, was intelligent and genius compared to his peers before he was injured. However, despite the injury, he did not lose this feature. The sense of humor and fun accompanied him until the last moments of his life, stolen by Israel.


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