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Israeli Soldiers Cut his Leg off with Explosive Bullet

last update : 22/09/2018 - 04:39 PM ( Since 11 months )


Gaza,(Alresalah.PS)-- At first , the child Mohammed Abu Hussein refused to meet us saying " I’m tired"!

His smile was a motive  for us, and an inspiration for those who lost their parties that there is  another light that we could be its stretching despite being  amputated!

With his left  leg only without the right one, depending on  crutches, stands Mohammed in the courtyard of his school in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

He puts on his school  uniform this year despite everything!

He is the child whom we met when they wanted to bury his leg, and said :" bury my legs in my father’s grave.

This time, when we asked him to talk to us.

“I’m tired, I cannot talk " he said.

His rejection brought us back to the explosive bullet fired by Israeli occupation forces at him, cutting his leg off at the end of last June while he was  participating in the march of return.

A blue shirt showed the child in more than one scene with the start of the new school year, in front of the school ladders and in its courtyard, and another in front of the blackboard.


Muhammad relies  on his crutches that he could no longer keep alive without them in  this life, a life whose joy has been  taken away by Israeli occupation.



A telephone conversation with Abdul Rahman, the brother of the child, was enough to realize that Mohammed's smile, as he returned to the study and was looking for new hope there, hides  a psychological pain deep in his heart .

The 13-year-old child who used to move all the time, now become of little movement.

Now, he feels the difference when he sees classmates in the school yard hurrying toward the canteen to buy candies and chips!

Now, we understand his word when he replied to us “ tired”

We called him many times to get agreement to talk to us, but he refused all the times , although we knew he loves fired potatoes, and told him we well get you some of your loved potatoes.


We  respected  Mohammed's  pain and his desire to refuse our meeting, we returned to congratulate him again, as he begins to rehabilitate himself in and integrate era

His brother explains that when Muhammad arrives at his school, he is asked a lot of questions "How can you  carry the bag?" "did u learn to use the catches ?".

The impact of the injury was not only on his leg, but also influenced the behavior of Mohammed who prefers to be  silent and refuses to talk to the media, and then to prefer to be isolated.

He is just a victim of Israeli forces who enjoy killing and injuring civilian people, including children like Mohamed.

They also intend to cut the protester’s parties although they peacefully participate in the protests

This is why Mohammed says all the time “ I do not know why the soldier shot me”

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