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Video...Israeli Aggressive Procedures against AQSA Mosque

last update : 22/07/2017 - 02:00 PM ( Since 2 years )

Israeli Aggressive Procedures against AQSA Mosque:

1 – Israeli municipality of occupied Jerusalem  closes Al-Aqsa mosque  and prevents  prayer in it.

2- Israeli Occupation Forces IOF Pursues   58 Endowment employees  including guards, firefighters and ambulance staff , seizing  them and confiscating their phones

3-  Israeli  occupation seizes  keys of Aqsa doors of Rahma  and Asbat  until further notice.

4- IOF detained  Mufti of Jerusalem and the Islamic Courts Sheikh Mohammed Hussein on charges of incitement.

5- IOF stormed  offices of endowments, guards, clinics, libraries, museums and even minarets.

6- IOF  refuses to return the keys of Aqsa  doors to Jordanian endowments.

7-  Israeli officers stormed the mosque on Sunday successively.

8- IOF  begins to install  electronic gates in front of Aqsa  door of Asbat to check on the worshipers before they enter the  mosque.



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