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Miladinov: Israeli settlements undermine two-state solution

last update : 23/12/2020 - 03:31 PM ( Since 3 weeks )


Nikolai Miladinov, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, has warned that the recent Israeli settlement plans in the Occupied Palestinian territories will cut communication links between the northern and southern West Bank, as well as between East Jerusalem and Bethlehem, which means undermining the two-state solution.

Before assigning Miladinov his new assignment as a special envoy of the United Nations to Libya and during his last briefing to the members of the Security Council, he renewed calls for implementing the provisions of Resolution 2334. He also expressed his concern regarding the continuation of expanding the Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

He explained that the settlement units in 2020 are equal to the numbers of 2019 despite an 8-month interruption. 50 percent of these units are located in the center of the West Bank, “in vital areas to the continuity and viability of the future Palestinian state”, Miladinov underlined. 

He mentioned that the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem are a flagrant violation of United Nations resolutions and international law. “The Israeli units entrench the occupation and undermine the prospects for a two-state solution”, he stressed.

The UN coordinator called for an immediate cessation of all settlement-related activities, warning that the continued demolitions and seizures of Palestinian establishments, especially humanitarian projects and schools, are extremely worrying."

Miladinov also called on Israel to stop the demolition of Palestinian real estate and property, to stop their displacement, and to approve plans that would enable Palestinian communities to build legally and address their development needs.



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