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Hamdan: First Intifada proved the Israeli occupation weakness

last update : 12/12/2020 - 09:16 PM ( Since 1 month )


Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan has said that “the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising) continues to confirm day after day that the enemy is weaker than a spiderweb and that its tyranny cannot stand up against the Palestinian people’s sacrifices.”  

“The Intifada found no weapon except the stones of the blessed holy land after the military force of the Palestinian revolution was destroyed following the Zionist army’s invasion of Lebanon and the launch of settlement initiatives under the title ‘Land for peace,” Hamdan said in press remarks on the 33rd anniversary of the first Intifada.

“The Intifada has contained many lessons, and the most important of them is that the sincere will and serious determination are capable of bringing about change regardless of the enemy’s strength and might and the friend’s letdown and weakness,” the Hamas official added.

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