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The child was killed in cold blood, Israel turned Aliya birthday into tragedy

last update : 12/12/2020 - 09:03 PM ( Since 1 month )


It happens in Palestine that Israel kills childhood and innocence on birthdays and burns a mother's heart on her child while she was preparing a birthday cake for him.

With tears, Ali Abu Aliya’s mother, says, “They killed him on his birthday. I was preparing a surprise for him”, then she cried heartily.

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed the child Aliya, 13, after storming al-Mughayir village, east of Ramallah on Friday, and clashes broke out with the Palestinian youths in the area.

A treacherous Israeli bullet hit Aliya's stomach … moments later he died, joining a long queue of Palestinian martyrs including children.

His funeral was very harsh for his mother, who cried out loudly, “I couldn’t get enough of him”, “I want him back”, pulling his coffin until she passed out on top of it.

Aliya’s brothers are crying as they were waiting to celebrate his birthday but now they are crying him as a martyr. This reflects the oppression that the Israeli occupation practice against the Palestinians.

One of Aliya’s friends innocently says, “What did Ali do to be murdered? I was preparing him a gift to give him on his birthday.”

He cries while holding his picture and says, “They killed him, I trust in Allah’s justice.”

The funeral procession of Aliya began from the town's stadium, in which he used to play, as he was one of the players of the village club. He was highly skilled and it was predicted that he would be a great player due to his speed and agility.

His father, Ayman, who works in construction workshops, said, “Ali loves football. In every corner of the house, you find a ball or a shirt for international football clubs. He dreamed of becoming a football star but the Israeli bullets killed him and his dreams.”

Two years ago, Aliya was wounded by a rubber bullet during violent confrontations that broke out in al-Mughayir, the same day on which the martyred child Laith Abu Aliya was buried.

Al-Mughayir witnesses almost daily confrontations. Sometimes, Jewish settlers attack the Palestinian farmers of the town, whose lands are famed for their lushness. Other times, the IOF soldiers launch provocative incursions, especially at peak hours.


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