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Zahhar: Netanyahu’s visit to Saudi Arabia has a dangerous dimension

last update : 25/11/2020 - 02:39 AM ( Since 1 month )


Member of Hamas’s political bureau Mahmoud al-Zahhar has said that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Saudi Arabia is a natural development of the normalization process in the region and has a dangerous dimension.

In press remarks to Quds Press, Zahhar warned that such serious development in the current Arab normalization of ties with the Israeli occupation state could escalate into security and military cooperation against major countries in the region.

“Whoever thinks of the normalization steps in the region as a small issue are wrong because Israel is looking forward to what is further than that,” the Hamas official said.

“What is logically and rationally expected that things will develop into more than just a meeting, a visit or a flight, and the situation is getting more dangerous,” he added.


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