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Tension in Shata jail following raids on cells

last update : 16/11/2020 - 02:11 PM ( Since 1 week )


Israeli prison forces on Sunday stormed cells in Shata jail and confiscated electric appliances, provoking tension with the Palestinian prisoners there.

According to Asra Media Office, forces from the Masada unit ransacked the cells of the Palestinian prisoners, seized all their electric equipment and shut down the prison.

Recently, a number of Palestinian prisoners in Shata jail have suffered from coronavirus (COVID-19), amid fears for the lives of elderlies and those with chronic health problems.

Last April, the UN called on Israel not to discriminate against thousands of Palestinian prisoners facing high-risk exposure to COVID-19 and to release the most vulnerable – particularly women, children, older persons and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

“There are currently more than 4,520 Palestinian prisoners, including 183 children, 43 women and 700 detainees with pre-existing medical conditions in Israeli jails. They remain dangerously vulnerable in the context of the current pandemic and the relative increase in the number of transmission rates in Israel,” a group of UN human rights experts said at the time.

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