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The story of the Palestinian Hajjah and the olive tree

last update : 08/10/2020 - 01:06 AM ( Since 1 week )


In a cultural way, the children and grandchildren of Umm Naseem al-Najjar gather to start the olive harvest season in Khuza'a, east of Khanyounis, southern the besieged Strip.

The place is filled with mixed feelings of joy, fear and anxiety as the Israeli occupation tanks are stationed in a nearby place.

A cultural scene is created by Umm Naseem, aka Hajjah, as her children and grandchildren are gathered in the olive grove which forms a seasonal source of income to the family.

With joyful folk songs and Palestinian traditional meals, Umm Naseem and her family start their day picking olives in Gaza.

These olive trees sum up the story of the Palestinians’ great love of their land, that is watered by the blood of thousands of Palestinian martyrs.

As soon as the entire family begins their day picking olives, Hajjah begins preparing breakfast, which has always got a very special flavor

She makes the bread dough in her own way to pave the way to making the famous bread of the ‘Saj’ and the tasty ‘Manakish’ with a pure Palestinian flavor.

Then, the entire family goes off to work. Nothing could tell you the entire story better than the following photos. Enjoy:

(The tasty Palestinian traditional meal Manakish, consisting of dough topped with thyme, cheese, or ground meat, surrounded by olives)

(Hajjah Umm Naseem al-Najjar preparing Manakish)


(Hajjah sifting picked olives)

(Hajjah preparing the bread dough)

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