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When you Succeed alone with none of your family around

last update : 13/01/2018 - 04:33 PM ( Since 11 months )


Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- Child Ahmed Dawabsha returned from the school named after his brother Ali, in the village of Duma south of Nablus, full of happiness, after he excelled in his study, carrying his school certificate, with the features of happiness drawn on his face.

However, Ahmed did not find his parents at home to receive him and embrace or kiss him, as his parents and infant brother were burned by Israeli settlers almost three years ago.

Success dedication

Immediately after receiving his school certificate, Ahmed said he dedicates his success to the memory of his parents and brother, and all Palestinian martyrs and prisoners, expressing his pride for what he has achieved in his school.

Ahmed, the only survivor from the Dawabsha family, received his second-grade school certificate for the first semester of the school year, earning very good grades, and some of his grades were excellent. He carried his school certificate to his family’s house quickly, full of joy.

Tears of joy

Despite the loss of the family, Ahmed was received by a smile and joy upon his return from school, by his relatives, where tears of joy merged with grief, with his grandmother embracing and kissing him, congratulating him on his success, in an attempt to compensate him for his mother’s tenderness, who was killed by Israeli terrorist and criminal settlers, without being punished for their crime.

The Dawabsha family members are trying to help Ahmed overcome his psychological suffering and loss of parents’ care and compassion.

His uncle, Nasser Dawabsha, told the PIC: “We do our best so that he does not feel the absence of his parents. His mother was dreaming of seeing him as a successful doctor. She wanted his brother Ali to learn from him when he grows up, and we encourage him to realize his mother’s dream.”

He noted that Ahmed is learning English now and receives courses on explaining and exposing the crime of Israeli settlers who burned his family alive.

The joy of his colleagues

As for the joy of his colleagues, Khalid Mahmoud, from the second grade at the school, said Ahmed was happy to receive his certificate and quickly returned to his relatives (to tell them of his success).

He adds, “We used to play at school together, and now because of the school holidays, we go to Ahmed’s house and play together. He is happy with us, and sometimes he wishes if he could return to his home to find his mother who would embrace him like other mothers do to their children. He sometimes cries (when he remembers his parents).”


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