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Hamas: The Intifada was launched, will not stop till our people get their rights

last update : 09/12/2017 - 02:27 PM ( Since 1 year )


Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- The Islamic Resistance Movement  of Hamas stated on Friday that the Palestinian  intifada has started again, and will not stop till the Palestinian people get all their rights.

In a statement  on Friday, Hamas   called on all free people of the world as well as Palestinian people to continue the  blessed uprising until all of Palestinian  just demands are met.

It stressed that our strength as Palestinians is our unity, especially the unity of the field, and therefore everyone must  unite behind the resistance.

Hamas called upon Palestinian  people to go to all the points of contact with the occupation in all areas and to engage with Israeli soldiers and settlers.

It also called on  Arab and Islamic nation and the free people around the world to support Palestinian  people, and uncover the true face of the Israeli occupation as well as  its ally the USA.

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