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Hamas  Adherent to Resistance

last update : 22/07/2017 - 02:02 PM ( Since 7 months )


Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- Member of Hamas’s political bureau Mahmoud al-Zahhar stated that Hamas  would never backtrack on its adherence to the option of armed resistance as a means to defend its own people and liberate their land from the Israeli occupation.

In a speech at a ceremony to honor outstanding high school graduates in Gaza on Thursday, Zahhar stressed that this event was not “a conventional activity but it was part of steady steps towards the liberation of Palestine.”

He added that the Palestinian resistance would keep making victories against the occupation as long as its children achieve success in their studies.

 “Our outstanding children are heroes carrying over their shoulders the task of liberating Palestine, which we have laid its foundation stone, and you have to achieve that with your effort, struggle and the prayers of your parents,” the Hamas official said.

He also emphasized the importance of liberating the entire land of Palestine, protecting its holy sites and helping the Palestinians abroad to return to their homes.

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