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Reflections over the martyrdom of Mazen Fuqaha

last update : 25/05/2017 - 03:11 AM ( Since 11 months )


By Rukiye Demir

One night, I attended the graduation ceremony of the Islamic University in Gaza. That night we were listening to the success stories of students who were ranked first in their faculty. For each story, you cannot control your tears, and you get more powerful, also you too wish to fight against all these persecutions of our present time.

One of these stories was the story of the wife of Mazen Fuqaha, who was killed on 24 March, Nahed. Seven years ago Nahed came to Gaza with her husband and she said that she did not see her family members for more than seven years.

Her husband got his freedom in a prisoners’ exchange deal with Israel after spending ten years in jail. He was serving nine life sentences (can you imagine yourself in a such a situation in which while your husband is fighting for his land, his honor he is arrested and he is punished for nine life sentences … How your psychological state would be, do you think you could say; still I have hope and you could imagine yourself in future…?) and while talking about all these, off and on she was wiping her tears, but full of gratitude because of having two beautiful kids and lovely life in Gaza, she invited the handsome man to the stage who she loves the most.

In her speech, she was talking about how she admires him and how this beautiful man brought maturity for her and became the biggest supporter of her life. That time, he came to the stage, with his hawk glance, with his respected stance in which he connected his hands from front because of his respect to the people who were in the ceremony. That night, with a smile on his face Martyr Mazen Fuqaha showed to the people how he is a man of decency and in fact he was practical version of his wife’s speech.

Nahed, at the end of her speech asked the mothers in the ceremony that night to ululate on behalf of her mother, because in Palestinian traditions after any success the mothers generally ululate. That time, I wanted to tell her: “Look I came from Turkey and also, I do not have any family member in here but if you want I can be your sister”, but because of crowd and craze of selfie in the youth I left the hall early.

Afterwards, not long time just a few weeks later we got the news of his martyrdom. The feelings that I felt was indescribable, it was like I lost somebody from my own self, I was not upset because of him, no, I was sad for the entire Ummah, because he remined true on his promise to Allah, and now it is our turn to display such values.

Let’s see are we going to be a pilgrim for this blessed way …Just the next day I wanted to reach Nahed and after prayer of Isha we met in her house, point blankly I told her: “Look you have a sister from Turkey; I came to you to tell you this”.

She moved to tears and she told me that: “That night we wanted to say to you the same thing but it was really crowded and we could not see you”.

Then my tears were falling down but there was not any reaction on the part of Nahed. She was really strong, I was wondering from where her power was. Of course, I had no doubt this is from Allah, but one more time I was amazed and my faith has been increased one more time.

This steady stance was excellent royal stance for a woman who lost her beloved husband (honestly, this royal stance is not vouchsafed for all women who face with bereavement of their beloved ones).

Nahed then showed me a napkin with blood on it, that blood, was the blood of Marty Mazen Fuqaha and I swear by the name of Allah who is Absolute Creator of the whole of the universe, the smell of the blood was one of the greatest smell I have ever sensed. The first time I did not understand why she is asking me to smell a napkin with blood but then I smelled one more time and that time, Nahed was explaining the secrets about Martyrs and I could not control my tears, then I blessed the bloody napkin 's lucky stars. What kind of honorable life is that even its death is such blessed and precious. Subhan Allah!

Every time, they ask me: “How come you left a life such as that in Turkey and you came to do your master here in Gaza?”, and that night I answered to Nahed and I would like to share my answer with you also: “If just I have experienced such a splendid atmosphere in my life it would be enough for me, and if I had a thousand of chances to choose where to be, in every time I will choose to come to Gaza.”

I really do not know in which dimension I am in now! I ask from Allah a life partner like Martyr Mazen Fuqaha who fought uprightly with his braveness and faith in his whole life against all persecutions.

I know really well that Muhamad Fatih and Salahaddin Eyyubi were members of that never-ending holy path which gives HUMANs their values and rights. May Allah make us precursors in this blessed direction and helps us to keep our promise most correctly (Amen).

“Among the believers are men true to what they promised Allah. Among them is he who has fulfilled his vow [to the death], and among them is he who awaits [his chance]. And they did not alter [the terms of their commitment] by any alteration” (Al-Ahzab, 33:23).


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