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Hamas Captures killer of Its leader, holds Israel responsible  for assasination

last update : 25/05/2017 - 03:11 AM ( Since 1 year )


Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- Hamas Politburo Chairman Ismaill Haniyeh said on Thursday that Hamas’s security forces arrested the killer of Hamas Leader Mazen Fukaha.

“We announce to our people and nation that we discovered and arrested the direct killer of the martyr Mazen Fukaha,” Haniyeh said, speaking at press conference in front of Fukaha’s home in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood in Gaza City.

Fukaha was a senior member of the Hamas’s military leadership, who was mysteriously assassinated on March 24 near his home.

Hamas said that  Israel and Palestinian collaborators  are responsible for  assassinating Fukaha.


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