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Humanitarian Crisis about to Hit Gaza for Power Outage

last update : 23/04/2017 - 02:52 PM ( Since 12 months )


Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- Municipalities Union in Gaza said that the power crisis warns of more humanitarian crises especially after the shutdown of sewage pumping and treatment stations which indicates serious environmental problems. 

Head of the municipalities union, Nizar Hejazi, said in a press conference held on Wednesday in Gaza, that municipalities have to pump untreated sewage into the sea directly. This will lead to the closure of the beach for safety reasons, he pointed out.

Municipalities in the blockaded Gaza Strip suffer from the lack of fuel quantities sufficient to operate sewage pumping stations and water wells other than basic facilities. 

Hejazi said the power cut for long periods exhausts the backup generators. Water distribution services will be affected as well, he added.  

He appealed to donor countries along with international and humanitarian institutions to supply municipalities with fuel and equipment enough to offer the minimum rate of basic needs for Gazan people who have been suffering from the siege for long years. 

The coastal enclave has been witnessing a severe power crisis for four days with only 6 hours or even less of power connection a day. This resulted form a complete shutdown of Gaza’s sole power plant last Sunday. 

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