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Cuts in PA employees' salaries Hit Hundreds of Families, Anger Rises

last update : 09/04/2017 - 07:22 PM ( Since 10 months )


Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- The PA's government in the West Bank  announced on Tuesday that  30%  of the PA employees' salaries in the Gaza strip will be cut, noting that such cuts come due to the financial suffocating siege imposed on the PA.

It's noted that such cuts took place on salaries of the PA's employees in the Gaza Strip only.

Hundreds of  PA's employees took to the street in Gaza's  yard of Jundi Majhoul in the center of the Gaza strip protesting the PA's decision. 

The employees called on President of  Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah to retreat  the decision, which will affect hundreds of families in the besieged Gaza strip.

Spokesperson of the employees' sit-in Saleh Shakhsa  said that the PA aims to tighten the living situation of the people in the Gaza Strip, as such decision will increase  the poverty among thousands of families that depend on the  PA salaries.

He noted that these procedure is  a deliberate and comes in a  random context.

The widow of the martyred  employee Fadi Awimer was extremely shocked as she found nothing but 450 shekels (130$) out of  3,000 shekels -salary,  which is her passed-away husband's salary.

She wrote on a paper she held" how can I feed my children mister president?"

" I live in a rented house, and I have four children. The salary is hardly covering the rent payment and living cost in addition to the bank's loan. Now, after the 30% cut, our situation will be miserable. I do not know what to do." The mother said.

The participants raised banners in which they held Abbas and al-Hamdallah responsible  for what they described as the "massacre of salaries". 

The protesting employees called on the PA president to retreat the decision, noting that the salary is a right for every employee and must not be manipulated by the PA for political agenda.

Yaser Awad is another PA employee who found nothing  of his salary has remained. He was sitting with his wife in a side of the sit-in, and when we talked to him, he said in a cracked voice," How can I return home to see my children with no food to eat. How can I live now"

"Israel waged  three wars in Gaza, and President Abbas is declaring the  fourth now. He kills us slowly using the power of  money against employees in Gaza."  Awad added.

Employees fear that the decision will continue in the coming months, or the PA's  government increases the cuts which will cause a catastrophic situation in the besieged Gaza strip.

The PA cuts' procedure was rejected by Palestinian  factions and  national forces as well as all  people  segments.

Economists noted in the sit-in  that the PA's new policy  will affect the Gazan economy directly.

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