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For the First Time.. Baseball Played in Gaza

last update : 16/03/2017 - 06:17 PM ( Since 1 year )


Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)— Eman Moghayyer is a 23-year-old Palestinian girl who uses to run quickly and throw a small yellow ball towards the opponent.

She got graduated from the Department of Education at the University of Al-Aqsa. She seeks to  achieve her dream to be a part of  the newly formed team of Baseball in Gaza as the game will be exercised in the Gaza Strip for the first time.

Eman says that sport is practiced by youngmen , and she wants to break this tradition in the Gazan society. She added that she received encouragement from her family, as she was  following the game of Baseball in movies and on TV.

She said that she finds great joy and love in this game.

 "I love this game so much, and at the moment  I heard about it, I harried to register and join it quickly. What's  fun of this game, is that it includes all kinds of sports skills, such as running and  caching the ball, so it's called Mom of games." Eman said.

Noting that she aspires to become a member in a  full team in Gaza to play this game internationally, she also wished to join the international  Olympics.

Mahmoud Tafesh,  the baseball team's coach in Gaza, says that the idea of creating a special sport team for Baseball game in the Gaza Strip came to his mind recently while being in Egypt, during his interview with an Iraqi coach.

Tafesh explains he received approval from the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Gaza Strip, to form a team for the baseball game which will include a number of young men and women.

He pointed out that he formed  a team composed of 20 young men and 40 girls, noting that the girls' group is the first of its kind in Palestine.

He indicated that the game  will face  difficulties in the Gaza Strip, due to the lack of original instruments and special  stadiums, adding that they have no necessary financing to cover costs of training,  play and exercise of this game.

He  aspires to  conduct a League for  Baseball game  in the Gaza Strip, and to participate in international forums.

hoping that his team will be able to travel without  obstacles one day, Tafesh  said that  the blockade imposed on Gaza is the greatest obstacle they suffer from.

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