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Statement: Refugees Demand UNRWA's Commissioner-General to Step Down

last update : 12/10/2016 - 09:54 PM ( Since 1 year )


Since Mr.  Pierre Krähenbühl was assigned as UNRWA Commissioner-General  in March 2014,  UNRWA's services has been experiencing an accelerated decline at all levels :

The employment program: The number of Arab employees in the UNRWA declined from  30718 employees in 2014 to 29825 in 2016 despite the  increase of numbers of the unemployed refugees. On the other hand and  despite the high salaries they get,  The number of the international staff increased  from 150 in 2014 to 182 in 2016. The employment was stopped  at UNRWA in various programs and  in all areas of UNRWA's  operations, and this comes under a decision made by the Commissioner Pierre Krähenbühl  in May 2015, which led to a steady decline in the number of employees because of the retirement and lack of compensation at an annual rate of 5.6%,. As a result, the rate of the unemployed graduates increased from  38% in 2014 to 42.5% in 2016, and also rates of extreme poverty have been rising. Moreover,  UNRWA ignored  the rights of the Arab employees whether in  permanent jobs or in  salary survey. Employees under unemployment's contracts were reduced, and UNRWAS is working right now to get rid of 350  workers under unemployment's contracts. It also had previously laid off 150 engineers who worked under  temporary contracts.

The Health Program: Krähenbühl decided to separate the Department of Health  early  next year, which indicates that all  programs would be separated in independent circles  as a prelude to cancel them one by one. Specialist doctors were also canceled and only the family doctor remained. Moreover,  spare room was merged with the injection room, which cancelled  23 jobs for  nurses.  23 other nurses are prepared to be gotten rid of through the abolition of the injection room in clinics of UNRWA in the Gaza Strip. Providing medicine  for people with chronic diseases had also declined, and  surgical operations in Lebanon and Gaza are mostly turned  to the governmental hospitals which cost  high fees the refugees cannot stand.

Education Program: The number of students increased highly in the classes  of UNRWA's schools as the average of the students in the class increased from  35 students in  2014 to  50 students in  2016. Moreover, the number of teachers of extracurricular activities, cleaners , and the school's secretarial have been reduced. UNRWA plans also to cancel the meals of students in the Industry Institutes which results in laying off 12 workers. In addition, the lesson of science and sociology were  cancelled from the fourth grade

The  Program of  Supply: Krähenbühl ordered the ration services in Jordan and the West Bank into an electronic cards,  which leads to laying off the Supply staff  and damaging of the ration shares of  refugees and  stopping  the meal of school students and the annual financial grant. Krähenbühl provided no  real relief to the Palestinian refugees  inside and outside Syria. He also separated the department of development from UNRWA's programs in order to turn it into a separate interest-based bank.

The Regular Budget: The financial deficit  of the UNRWA increased  from  150 million dollars  in 2014 to  180 million dollars in 2016.  The  International grants also decreased in the reign of  Krähenbühl for he is unable to convince the donor countries to continue provide aid to the refugees beside he failed to reach out new donors. In the time UNRWA claims it suffers from deficit in the budget, it cuts  50 million dollars from the budget for  computerized program specialized for UNRWA's operations. The program annual operation's cost is  7 million dollars noting that it was 3 million dollars only.

The size and quality of these declines emphasize the following:-

1-  UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl is an administratively failure person , and he is unable to carry out the tasks entrusted to him, and he is  dispelling  the capabilities of UNRWA ways that do not  benefit the refugees.

2. The  poor performance is a natural consequence of bad management, and UNRWA cannot be  reformed  in the presence of non-eligible leaders who are unable to exercise administrative methods that lead to the success of UNRWA work in relieving  the Palestinian Refugees.

Therefore; The Coordinating Commission  to Commemorate the 68th Anniversary of Nakba calls for:

1- Dismissal of UNRWA Commissioner-General  Pierre Krähenbühl and his deputy Sandra Mitchell,  replacing  them with efficient leaders who can  achieve the goals UNRWA was established for, and we warn that failure to respond our demand, will drive us to further events of escalation.

2- We call on the supervising body of UNRWA  to intervene to address  the administrative weaknesses of UNRWA's headquarters, and supply them with efficiencies who are  able to get out of the UNRWA's crisis without affecting the services provided to the refugees.

3- We demand the national forces of the Palestinian people and the free world to stand in front of all these retreats and those who stand behind them in every way available.

The Coordinating Commission  to Commemorate the 68th Anniversary of Nakba


8 October 2016

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