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Islamist Bloc: Abbas orders university student councils' elections be cancelled

last update : 26/04/2015 - 10:33 PM ( Since 3 years )


NABLUS CITY (Alresalah.ps) -- Islamist Bloc, students' wing of Hamas, said that the PA President Mahmoud Abbas issued an order to stop student councils' elections across the Palestinian universities in theWest Bank.

The PA president decided to stop elections at universities, lest winning the university students' councils likely to what happened in Bier Zait University, Islamist Bloc added, confirming that Fatah's vision is deficient.

The Islamist Bloc is to take a unified, student-related stance in response to the procrastination in university elections.

It is worth noting that the Islamist bloc won the Bier Zait University students' councils by means of winning 26 out of 51 seats. Fatah got 19 seats out 51.


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