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How long would Hamas bear up with burdens in Gaza?

last update : 24/01/2015 - 03:33 PM ( Since 3 years )


GAZA CITY (Alresalah.ps) -- Over 7 months have passed since the Consensus Government was first formed, and nothing have changed in the lives of Gazans, leave alone their living conditions. On contrary, the situation became worse by means of depriving more than 40 thousand employees of their rights to getting payments and salaries.

These circumstances actually pushed Hamas to pay the employees portions of their monthly salaries until crisis is solved. The previous step proves that reconciliation has reached a dead-end, and that Hamas has been trying to find alternatives to bear up with the tough siege of the Gaza Strip, based on being socially responsible.

The deteriorating situation in the coastal enclave has made Gazans believe that the Consensus Government was not a lifeline for them. Thus, the question is "How long will Hamas bear the burdens of the Gaza Strip, mainly the security needs?"

Analysts ruled out that Hamas may form a new government in the Gaza Strip, for this will increase its political and financial crisis, which has been going on for almost two years.

Senior leader of Hamas Yahiya Mousa said that Hamas will be able to manage in the coming period like it really did seven years ago, urging the people concerned to push the Consensus Government do its duties.

Mousa explained that the PA President Mahmoud Abbas is betting that Hamas will lose temper, and will take steps toward out-of-thought revolution, adding that Hamas has remained committed to all the conditions of reconciliation and all that has been agreed upon.

However, observers believe that there is a plan to consume Hamas financially. Therefore, the movement will resort to search for sources to fund the operational governmental expenses by means of taking out tax revenue from major companies and banks operating in the Gaza Strip.


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