| Reports |IOF Detain Raid areas across WB, Detain 8

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- A number of Palestinian civilians were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces IOF at daybreak Sunday in assaults launched across West Bank provinces.

At predawn time, the IOF kidnapped the Palestinian citizen Saeb Alawna as he passed through a makeshift checkpoint set up on the access road to Nablus.

In the meantime, a flock of Israeli military jeeps rolled into Nablus’s eastern towns of Beit Furik and Beit Dajan at the crack of dawn and raked through residential neighborhoods for over one hour before they retreated to the Beit Furik checkpoint.

At the same time, hordes of Israeli settlers have been spotted in makeshift tents pitched in Beit Dajan’s eastern corners.

Overnight, the IOF stormed Beita and Ourata, south of Nablus, and showered the area with acoustic grenades, sparking clashes with Palestinian protesters.

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Maamoun al-Natsha was kidnapped by the Israeli soldiers near Gilbert checkpoint, in Tel al-Rumeida, in al-Khalil.