| News |IOF Attack Schoolchildren, Kidnapp minors

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)--  Israeli occupation forces IOF on Monday aggressively attacked Palestinian schoolchildren in Tekou’, in the southern West Bank.

According to local sources, Israeli army patrols stormed Bethlehem’s eastern town of Tekou’ and attacked Palestinian schoolchildren on their way back home.

The Israeli soldiers chased down the Palestinian students across Tekou’ streets and alleys, amid heavy discharge of gunfire and teargas canisters.

Locals said that Tekou’ mayor, Tayseer Abu Mufrih, said 17-year-old minor Mohamed Saleem al-Badan, a secondary school pupil, was kidnapped by the Israeli soldiers from his family home in Tekou’.

Abu Mufrih added that the boy was kidnapped shortly after the end of the school day on allegations of hurling stones at the occupation patrols