| Opinion |Mashaal: New charter on Hamas political ideology to be revealed soon

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)—Speaker of Hamas political bureau  Khaled Mashaal  said that a new charter is being prepared on the  political program of Hamas and it is almost done, and it will be revealed soon.

 Mashaal added that electing  Yahya Sinwar to be the head of Hamas movement  in Gaza resulted from  democratic elections taken place in the movement.

Talking to a conference organized by  Zaytuna Center for Studies entitled " strategic assessment 2016,  and strategic assessment 2017,"  He confirmed that the Palestinian cause  has maintained itself from being disappeared and from all attempts to be eradicated under all huge pressures and ordeals.

According to Meshaal, the Palestinian people have maintained the cause through sacrifices and through the  leadership and insistence on the Palestinian constants.

He explained that the Palestinian people have introduced innovative models during the previous phases of the conflict, till they reached the formation of a Palestinian army such as  Al-Qassam Brigades.

He noted also to Alaqsa mosque saying  that  few hundreds of of prayers in the mosque have succeeded to thwart the Israeli scheme to devide the mosque  spatially and temporally.