| News |Israel Approves More Settlement, EU Condemns

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- Israel’s Minister of Construction Yoav Galant approved Thursday evening plans to construct 2,086 illegal settlement units on occupied Palestinian land.

According to the Israeli Channel 2, the motion received the approval of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and war minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The move comes a few days after the occupation government approved the construction of over 6,000 settlement units.

The European Union (EU)’s high representative for security and foreign policy, Federica Mogherini, has warned that the new wave of Israeli illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank territories mark a “very worrying trend” that will jeopardize the so-called two-state solution to the decades-long conflict in the region.

Mogherini made the remarks in a statement on Wednesday, saying that the EU “is strongly opposed to this policy and deeply regrets that Israel is proceeding with this, despite the continuous serious international concern and objections, which have been constantly raised at all levels.”