| Stories |A Palestinian baby farewells her mother murdered by IOF

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- Batoul is a 20-month-old Palestinian baby who was destined to farewell her mother, Majd El-Khdour, once and forever as her Mother  was murdered by Israeli occupation forces.

It was the first time for Batoul to see her mother since 7 months  as the Israeli occupation forces released her body on last Friday after it was seized for 7 months in Israeli fridge.

The father , Sameer Khadour, who lives in Bani Na'im village  in Hebron was holding his orphan daughter in the funeral of his beloved wife. He was  of a broken-heart , and he could  do nothing but mourning her with grief and sorrow.

Majd is less than 18-year-old, and she was a victim of the Israeli settlers who continue their crimes against the Palestinian people, especially children and women.

 Sameer said that Majd was a perfect wife, and she was a kind mom who was murder by Israeli settlers.

He added that she left a great impact on  the people of the village to continue resisting the Israeli occupation and practices of Israeli settlers.

"Majed was so cute with a nice smile on her white face  while  dead." Sameer said.

In June 2016, which coincided with the 19th  of Ramadan, Majed got out driving her car, when Israeli settlers as well as Israeli occupation forces opened fire at her and killed her at pretext she was trying to run over an Israeli settler.  

After she was injured,  she lost control of the car and it hit some settlers causing slight injuries to them.

" In the day she was killed, she was so kind and she talked to me saying – Hi Mom, please forgive me.  I did not understand, and I told her that she did nothing to be forgiven. Yet, when she was killed , I realized that she was feeling her end in this life. " Majdi's mother said.

It's noteworthy that Israeli occupation  forces are still holding bodies of two Palestinian martyrs named as Mohammed Tarayra, and  Mohammad al-Faqih  who were martyred in a clash with Israeli occupation forces in July 2016.