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Israeli Occupation Forces killed a young Palestinian man after Israeli forces stormed the Qaddura Refugee Camp in central Ramallah in the early hours of Monday and fired tear gas and live ammunition at youths.
Tuesday 09:23 AM
Israel is facing the consequences of the leaks of extracts from the State Comptroller’s report on the failures of the 2014 war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. This has led to speculation by both Palestinians and Israelis about the possibility of Israel being able to avoid these failures in what some Israelis call the upcoming “four
Sunday 12:40 PM
Commenting on the Israeli strikes hitting resistance sites in Gaza on Monday, the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, warned the Israeli army on Tuesday that the armed wing will not remain silent to any future aggression on the Gaza Strip
Tuesday 09:12 PM
Empirical historical evidence combined with little common-sense are enough to tell us the type of future options that Israel has in store for the Palestinian people: perpetual apartheid or ethnic cleansing, or a mix of both.
Saturday 09:28 AM
Speaker of Hamas political bureau Khaled Mashaal said that a new chart is being prepared on the political program of Hamas and it is almost done and it will be revealed soon.
Wednesday 04:55 PM
Israel has newly approved law that legalizes Jewish settler outposts actually legalizes the “theft” of private Palestinian land.
Tuesday 03:02 PM