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March 16th, marks the 14th anniversary of the day our daughter stood in Gaza with other international activists and challenged the Israeli military's illegal confiscation of Palestinian land and the demolition of Palestinian homes. Rachel's life was stolen that day, but her spirit was not. As these anniversaries approach.
Saturday 04:00 PM
Eman Moghayyer is a 23-year-old Palestinian girl who uses to run quickly and throw a small yellow ball towards the opponent in Baseball game that's played for the first time in Gaza.
Thursday 01:17 PM
Rami loves watching fights since being a kid as he used to watch fignting matches, so he joined a school to learn these arts, and began to dream of being the world champion in boxing.
Wednesday 04:40 PM
A Palestinian mother named Joumana Daoud was finally able to hug her baby Maryam.Joumana Daoud shares her happiness.
Wednesday 04:02 PM
Hunger striking Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq is being held in a “grave-like” cell by Israeli authorities, says his lawyer.
Monday 03:38 PM
The Gaza Strip does not have adequate resources to provide cancer patients with appropriate treatment. They have to get Israeli permits to be treated inside the Occupied territories in 1948, but mostly, Israel rejects to give them such permits.
Wednesday 03:49 PM