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A Palestinian mother named Joumana Daoud was finally able to hug her baby Maryam.Joumana Daoud shares her happiness.
Wednesday 04:02 PM
Hunger striking Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq is being held in a “grave-like” cell by Israeli authorities, says his lawyer.
Monday 03:38 PM
The Gaza Strip does not have adequate resources to provide cancer patients with appropriate treatment. They have to get Israeli permits to be treated inside the Occupied territories in 1948, but mostly, Israel rejects to give them such permits.
Wednesday 03:49 PM
A spokesman for the White House said that the Trump administration does not believe that settlements are “an impediment to peace” between the Palestinians and Israelis
Sunday 01:20 PM
On the night of the 27th of July 2014, the Palestinian family of Badah experienced a very bad tragedy as the Israeli warplanes bombed a taxi near Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, which was driven by their son Qasim.
Tuesday 03:47 PM
Abu Mohammed could not find an alternative means to resist the take over of his land by Israeli settlements’ expansion except by being physically present there and selling corns on Nablus-Jenin Street.
Tuesday 12:09 PM