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Amnesty International has accused Israel of the unlawful killing of Palestinians, arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture and other human rights violations.
Saturday 04:10 PM
Three Palestinian workmen died and five others were injured at dawn Saturday as Egyptian army detonated a Food-commercial tunnel they were inside in Rafah area, southern Gaza Strip.
Saturday 09:36 AM
The American intellectual and writer Norman Finkelstein has said that the Palestinians have all the right to resist the Israeli occupation at all levels, whether militarily or politically, in accordance with the principles of the international law.
Saturday 09:22 AM
The German government has postponed a planned summit with Israeli regime officials in a move reportedly driven by Tel Aviv’s defiance of international including German calls to avoid settlement construction on Palestinian land.
Tuesday 01:47 PM
The law allows Israel to expropriate private Palestinian land in the West Bank where Israeli settlements or outposts have been built
Saturday 02:07 PM
A Palestinian held in Israeli custody succumbed to his wounds yesterday after being shot by Israeli forces in November for allegedly attempting to carry out a stabbing attack
Saturday 01:59 PM