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Israeli Occupation Forces bombed Suterday morning different areas across the Gaza strip. The bombing that was carried out by Artillery and F16-Jets caused huge Panic among civillians in the Gaza strip, especially among schools children and women.
Saturday 11:04 AM
Israeli occupation forces IOF on Monday aggressively attacked Palestinian schoolchildren in Tekou’, in the southern West Bank.
Tuesday 03:50 PM
An Israeli Soldier has killed a Palestinian civilian pretending he was intending to attack him and his colleague on duty, prompting a “struggle” with them.
Monday 10:48 AM
Israeli Knesset approved on Thursday a preliminary reading of the controversial bill which seeks to impose limits on the Muslim call to prayer within the Green Line and in occupied Jerusalem.
Saturday 10:03 AM
Some 10 m Palestinian people were deported of their land at hands of the Israeli occupation since 1948. IOF continues depriving the Palestinian people of their rights. the following iforgraphis shows numbers of the Palestinian refugees around the world.
Tuesday 09:35 AM
Israeli Occupation Forces IOF launched multiple IF-16 and artillery strikes on different areas across the Gaza strip midday Monday . Three Palestinians were injured according medics.
Monday 03:31 PM